Round balers belts :


Also appointed belts round ballers



-Materiel suited for heavy duty

-Severe use

-Excellent winding for small diameter drums

-Flexibility for bending and bending back

-Anti-abrasion rubber surface

-Texture : 3 folds textile

-Suitable for fastening

-Heated vulcanizing



Smooth textured

- use in dry environment

- weight : 7,23kg/m²

Continuous chevron

- mixted environment use

- protecting the leaving
during the harvest

- weight : 6,93kg/m²



- use in wet environment

- weight : 5,7kg/m²

Diamond top

- weight : 7,58kg/m²


Belts available on demand for width and in 25, 50 and 100 meters lenght (one piece or on demand).
Diamond top: Available in 178 mm wide only and 42, 110 linear meters long (or on demand).